Monday, 16 September 2013


By some kind of twist of fate you have found my blog! So I thought I would introduce myself making sure you aren’t feeling lost in my some what different world. The name is Zavina and I am a teenager that has lately been finding it very hard to express myself. My world consists of people who simply don’t care and all dress and act exactly the same, and its difficult to be different when you will end up being looked upon as a ‘weirdo’ or a ‘freak’. You are bombarded with the message with the words ‘Be Yourself!’ with a picture of a glamorous 6ST, 5’10″ model next to it, and the article filled with diet tips and celebrity sob stories. I have had enough of that and I decided to take to the internet. Maybe create my own message to you, but more importantly help you make and embrace a message for yourself. You can’t just simply go through life with the same message as everyone else. That’s not you. It shouldn’t be you. As I’m on the path on my way to finding myself, you might hit that person inside of you, waiting to explode onto the dynamic earth we live on. Welcome to my life.

Welcome to the-zealousfashion-life.

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