Saturday, 28 September 2013

Celebrity Style Day 6: Jennifer Lawrence

'May the odds be in your favor' 

Jennifer Lawrence, famously known for her roles in Silver Lining and the Hunger Games Trilogy, she is everywhere at the moment.  You would never see her in the papers for doing bad 'diva-ish' things but more for how much of a great role model she is. Jennifer never takes advantage of her riches and she has always kept herself grounded. If you saw her walking past you in the street, you probably wouldn't  recognize her. THAT is just how simplistic she is. You wouldn't necessarily find her in the next Mulberry creation but in New Look and Topshop pieces (that she isn't afraid to say she found on sale). She never dresses up unless she HAS to and I think that is why she is so loved. Lots of celebrities say they are down to earth, but Jennifer doesn't have to say it,she just is. Her style is so easily copy-able and its a great place to start if you are looking for a more subtle style. She loves wearing the monochrome trend with maybe a splash of color and ALWAYS a pair of heels, and below is my take on her style and how I would would wear it.  

Dress - Topshop, Jacket - H&M , Heels -, Socks - Topshop, Bangles - Accessorize, Chain - Primark, Ring - and Earrings -

I love this outfit because it could be dressy, but it could also be quite casual as the heels aren't very high and the denim jacket adds a bit of edge. The two finger ring is my favorite piece as they are very trendy right now and the diamante bow is very blingy and girly which describes me perfectly. 

'Even when I was a teenager, I never considered failure.' 

Jennifer has so much confidence in herself which is so inspiring, and I leaving you with a short message today. You should always just believe in yourself. I say this quite a lot but it is true. If you can dream about what you want, then it must be reachable. Take all those risks and chances, What have you got to lose? 

Style Yourself. Believe in Yourself, Love Yourself. Zx

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