Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Celebrity Style Day 5: Iggy Azalea

'Let's work'

I have 2 more days left of my Celebrity Style Series and day 5 is inspired by the gorgeous Amethyst Amelia Kelly. Or as you are most likely to know her, Iggy Azalea. She is someone that I can never stop staring at because she has seriously beautiful face, and don't even get me started on her body. She has a perfect figure and whatever she wears just looks so glamorous! Though I should add she's a Wilhelmina Model. Makes sense? Of course it does. She definitely dresses like a model considering that she is a rapper, originally from Australia but now based in the US. She is a versatile dresser as she doesn't have a particular kind of style, I think she's one of those people who picks up and wears something if its pretty, which can have its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: You could wear practically wear anything and everything; Disadvantage: THERE IS SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM H O W DO YOU PICK WHAT TO WEAR?! However, she has modern take on style, so her style isn't something you haven't seen before, but what makes her stand out is her iconic platinum blonde (very long) hair. I have never been a hair and makeup person but if it wasn't for her hair and her stand out facial features she wouldn't be very memorable. 

(First Outfit) Jacket from House Of Fraser, top from www.cherrycherry.com, jeans from John Lewis, Blazer heels from Harrods, Bag from H&M, Earrings from EBay. (Second Outfit) Pinafore from www.storenvy.com, top from Selfridges, Shoes from Debenhams, Socks from Forever 21, Bag from EBay, Earrings and Necklace set from www.fossil.com

I found trying to find an outfit for Iggy, the hardest so far because she changes up her style quite a lot so I went for a casual but a little dressy look because it is the only way you can sum up the way she dresses. I picked a pinafore because she is quite girly and she would probably wear with a pair of dressy heels, but I dressed it down a little by adding a pair of socks and a backpack so it would be easily transitional from an afternoon shopping and a lunch date, to evening wear by just changing socks and the bag. By far, my favorite item is the tartan jeans, tartan is completely taking over for the Autumn/Winter season trends (I will do a post on how to dress with Tartan really soon; so watch this space!). Iggy is also today my inspiration for the message of the day. She has always said she wants to take the way society thinks she should be and turn it upside down. I think she has kept to that as you wouldn't have expected her to be rapper because stereo typically she would be a bubblegum pop singer with pig tails and the most famous boyfriend on the planet. So what i'm saying to you today is don't fit into your stereo type. Try to stand out. Just because you like to wear the color black does not make you a goth. Being pale faced with blue eyes does not mean you have to be a girly girl. Be who you want to be. Step out of your stereo type otherwise you will get stuck with it and you know that's not really you. If you want to start being who you want to be, there is no better time than NOW. Anyway, weirder people are better people!

What's your favorite item from the inspiration outfits? What's your stereotype? Are you anything like your stereotype? I know I'm definitely not like mine!  What do you/will you do to step out of your stereotype? 

Style Yourself. Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself. Zx

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