Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Celebrity Style Day 1 :- Leah McFall

I first encountered Leah, from her Youtube Channel, Leah McFall, and the first thing I noticed was how well she dressed. It wasn't anything completely out there but she had a genius sense of style. Her outfits are so simple and effortless, she doesn't over do her uniqueness which I think too many people are doing at the moment. Oh and did I mention her hair?! I instantly fell in love with it, because it looked like those chocolate and vanilla ice creams I used to only get once in a blue moon. It's one of those styles where you either love it or hate it, there is no in-between, and you would get quite a few stares of admiration. Or maybe of disgust. Either way, she isn't someone you would merely walk past on the street without noticing, and that's important when trying to create a name for yourself. 

I made 2 outfits inspired by Leah, the sunglasses and tartan jacket were vintage but the two bags are from New Look, the Dungarees are from House Of Fraser, the shorts and shoes are from H&M, the cat sweater and the romper jacket are from www.ShopJeen.com. I will be updating when I find anything similar to the vintage pieces. 

So my message today? Never over do trying to look 'different' because then you just look a mess which is probably not the look you were going for. Just one piece that is big and bold can make you look more stylish than you think, whether its those amazing pair of shoes or that funky flower crown you've been dying to wear for like EVER, don't let fear get the better of you, you never know who's eye you might catch with that catchy slogan top on ;).

Style yourself, Believe in yourself, Love yourself .Zx

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