Sunday, 22 September 2013

Celebrity Style Day 4: Miley Cyrus

'We can't stop. And we won't stop.'

Another person that has been all over magazines, Miley Cyrus. It's hard to think she was once a Disney princess and now 'twerking queen' as she and 'smilers' like to call her. 
Personally I thought the change was really drastic but I really like it. She wants to get rid of her kids TV queen image which I guess could get quite annoying when 10 year olds run up to you asking for a picture with Hannah Montana. Her style changed the most going from floral dresses and long beach babe curls, to outrageous sky high heels and a blonde quiff. Miley has become very controversial with her maybe not so family appropriate performances and has become a bit like marmite: it's either you love her or you hate her. She turns heads with her read carpet appearaces, recently her outfit to the VMAs which caused up a storm, some calling her 'horns' an art and some comparing her to 2 year old kids. However, I think her street style is a statement. She is flamboyant, some might say she dresses a little too much for the sake of the fact she might only be going to Starbucks, but her outfits need confidence and that's something she has in bucket loads.  She can pull off an outfit any time of the day and I  think in the fashion world she needs more recognition. Its not everyday you see someone in a lace black dress at 5am and then in a pair of sky high thigh boots and fury shorts at 7am, huh?

(First Outfit) Jacket from, Floral Crop top from, Denim Boyfriend Jeans and cut out ankle boots from Topshop, wings ear cuffs from, and the ring from (Second Outfit) Cage Top from, crop net top from, disco pants from American Apparel, pointy heels from Zara, boot heels from, bangle from, earrings from River Island, and the neck statement from

Miley has had hate in the millions from music lovers calling her names but the smash hit and record breaking single 'We Can't Stop'  has a message in it that I'm going to be giving to you today. 'Remember only God can judge ya, forget the haters, 'cause somebody loves ya'
That is very true. Forget about all the fears you have about somebody hating and do whatever YOU want to do! If people are hating on you, its because they are jealous and wish they could be just like you! Miley never cares about all the hate she gets because she knows that she has masses of people loving her to bits and that is all that matters to her! She also promotes being different as well as the glorious Gaga. She doesn't conform herself to society and she expresses herself in her music and her style choices. Miley is more of a role model than you may think...

Style yourself. Beleive in yourself. Love yourself. Zx


  1. "you found me so you might as well take a look" haha i like that!

    i have a new blog too :)


  2. I love Miley. I liked her previous style more tho, but she is still amazing :) Nice post!

    xo Mel

  3. Ahh Miley everyone is talking about her right now. I don't love or hate her but her outfits are just not my cup of tea. I think she's trying too hard to get attention.

    xx glamdevils

  4. Hi! Great post and I totally agree with you :) x