Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wish List: Has It Really Come To That Time Of Year?

I haven't written for a while because I have been so busy but I'm back with my MASSIVE wish list this week! I'm super excited as I plan on shopping for all (well at least as far as my pay check can get me) these items for the oncoming winter months and I just had to share them! 

I'm starting off with this amazing leather and cotton long line biker jacket from none other than As much as I have expressed my slight love ( maybe obsession I don't know), this is an ABSOLUTE MUST and it is actually in very low stock right now and I am hanging on PRAYING that 1 jacket will be there waiting for me like a little baby should. (I'm already calling it my baby and it's not even mine yet, somebody help me). 

I love this jacket because it is rock chic with a sophisticated vibe to it, which means I can use this jacket to dress up but also dress down if I'm in very formal wear which I think is perfect. It's something I could wear with anything which is great as it would be one less thing to worry about when deciding what to wear I'm the morning! Thank God it is navy blue, I get to steer away from the typical black theme which we all seem to fall into when it comes to the colder months, no matter how hard we try, it just happens. It is now £57.00 instead of £95.00, so it now ticks all the boxes because who can really resist a sale item? Definately not me that's for sure. Ŷ

ASOS provides me with the second and third thing on my wish list right now: TIGHTS! If I'm being very honest I used to think that tights were just a way to keep warm so I never thought of them as anything major. Now  have realised that they can be used as art on  your legs! Why not?! You are going to be covering those perfect set of legs and you have to draw attention to them somehow!You keeping warm AND showing off a bit of individuality and you can always find tights for a bargain! These are £8 each and one has a leopard print which I have a slight obsession with right now. Then there is the New York skyline tights are perfect because I am IN LOVE with New York, and I think I'm going to be stocking up on a lot of these and so should all of you! Do you have a favorite pair of tights right now? Have you bought your statement jacket for this winter? 

Style yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself. Z.x

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Friday, 4 October 2013


It consumes all my time and all my money but I regret NOTHING! Whenever I've had those down days, I would get onto this website and I would feel so much better, *cough* shopaholic in the making *cough*. It doesn't help that there is new arrivals practically everyday so I've always got something new to admire, but I just can't help it! Although a lot of their clothing is not very purse friendly, I still can't help but put a couple of items on my basket. The apparel is all about taking a classic piece and messing it up without ruining the main principle of the item and I LOVE it! I've got a thing for taking a normal outfit and making it different and less mainstream, so when I discovered ASOS, it was like my world had finally come together. It has more of a grungy feel to it which I've only just begun trying out which I have been loving! Did I mention the ASOS Marketplace?! You can get one of a kind pieces for a BARGAIN! If you haven't been on there you should, its INSANE the clothes people have lying around in their homes! 

So of course as my little tradition I have going right now, I have made a little outfit! The difference today is that today every item here is all form one source and that it is of course ASOS! It is a 'night out with the girls' look with my favorite two things right now: beanies and triangles! My favorites are the beautiful neon yellow heels and the triangle earrings because 1)neon brights are my favorite brights and 2) they are both in triangular shapes (did I mention I like triangles?) 

Message today? Nothing that I haven't said before but expect me to be saying this a lot. Don't be afraid to step out of the box! If you shop in the right places and you just set your mind to it, you will find and build the confidence to! And anyway, who wants to be mainstream anymore? 

What are your favorite piece/s from the outfit? Do you shop at ASOS? If you don't, are you going to now? Because I believe you should! 

WARNING: I take no responsibility for your new addiction ;)

Style Yourself. Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself. Z.x 

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Can I be Forever 21 please?


Forever 21. I mean who doesn't want be forever 21? (Actually I can't say anything because I'm not even 20 yet, but let's just go with it). Forever 21 has become one of my all time favourite retailers in a VERY short space of time. It is a relatively new shop, taking the world by storm with its modern yet unique style pieces. There is not a single person who does not know Forever 21 and is loved by fashionistas everywhere, even if they don't particularly wear their clothing. The reason why everyone loves Forever 21 so much is because while the clothing can be very simple and basic, they aren't scared to bring styles straight from the catwalk and teach everyone how to wear it, even the less confident. It is where I shopped first when I finally decided to break out and have my own and it's great because it makes simple fashion trends a little different and I love that. 


This is my favourite new arrival at the moment, a Leopard print faux fur beanie! (£7.99 at the moment) 
I love it because a lot of people have taken to wearing beanies but they all the same mainly black with the words either 'obey' or 'love' and I find those so basic! So why not stand out wearing all black with a cute little leopard beanie on top, maybe a pleated skirt with a leather jack pet or a varsity jacket! Add a bit of edge and it is a great attention grabber! 

What would you wear this with? Do you shop in Forever 21? What's your favourite new arrival? 

                               Style Yourself. Believe in yourself. Love Yourself! Z.x 


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