Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Celebrity Style Day 2: Cara Delevinge

'Model of the moment' Cara Delevinge is next on my list of favorite celebrity styles. Think of any reputable fashion designer and she has probably been on their runway or healined their campaign, that is seriously how popular she is right now. She has been linked with the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora and of course the one and only Harry Styles, and she has a massive, dedicated fanbase on Twitter and Instagram, known as the 'Delevingers'. She is one of the most in demand and desired models and it doesn't come as a surprise that she has been in and on every fashion magazine you can think of.

Modern and quirky is what I would describe Cara's sense of style. She doesn't dress boldly but she definitely has heads turning when she walks into a room. She isn't one to always cake on make-up so when she does doll herself up a bit, for those special occasions, she looks absolutely stunning and she NEVER seems to over do it. Her favorite ensembles for the important nights out are her suits, she loves to wear a suit with simplistic tops and jewelry and her hair is always natural. She just lets her distinctively gorgeous facial features do the talking for her. However, its not her style that stands out the most. It's how confident she is that makes me look at her and just go WOW. She has that aura of authority and self assurance, and she is never afraid to pull a silly face and look 'horrible' and I think that's what makes her even more likeable.

After looking at what Cara likes to wear and her personality, have made three outfits that I could see her in. 
Beginning with the suit outfit, the suit itself is from Dorothy Perkins, Shoes from Valentino, Ring from Fendi, Bangle from, and Earrings from The second outfit: The Dip dye jumper for, Jeans from Shoes from, Skull earrings from, Camera earrings from Macy's and Bracelet from The third outfit: The hoodie from, Top from, Jeans from River Island,  Shoes from, Earrings from and Cat necklace from Ebay. 

So the moral of the story today? Confidence is the key to pulling off an outfit. Your outfit could cost hundreds of pounds but without the confidence you make it look as cheap as lollipops, whereas there could be someone else where everything they bought from the charity/thrift shop but the could make it look worth so much because they have their head up and smiling. You can use the street, your school hallway, even the walk to the kitchen as a catwalk, just keep your head up and smile. Just fake your confidence and before you realise it, you will be confident in who you are and what you are wearing.  No one's going to see your amazing smile or eyes if you're looking down! So remember: FAKE IT 'TILL YOU MAKE IT! 

Style Yourself, Believe in Yourself, Love Yourself .Zx 

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