Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kendall Jenner: Can we take her seriously?

Kendall has been trying to get herself into High Fashion for a few years and finally got her big break in the Gucci Campaign. But is her face way too recognisable to be taken seriously in the fashion industry? Some people may say so as her association with the "Kardashian Clan" brings down her reputation massively, even if the outrageous antics aren't hers. The reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" follows their EVERY MOVE and share everything from their family feuds to some of their most private moments. Being on a reality show practically means you are going to be hate by 70% of the female population especially the younger audience, which makes companies much less keen to use her in their campaigns. 

Of recent, her potential love life has been in the most spotlight, being linked to the likes of teen hearthrobs, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Ashton Irwin, causing a little bit of a stir. I'll give her credit though,she is absolutely stunning and does have an amazing face for fashion as she knows how to take a stunning photo. She has said before in countless interviews that she tries to shy away from her reality TV show and just focus on her career, she wants to be known and 'Kendall Jenner: The Model' rather than 'Kendall Jenner: The sister of the girl that makes millions for no privacy'. I must say it will pretty hard to shake off the latter name but maybe the fashion industry should give her a try. She will not the next Cara Delevinge but surely she create waves in the business. 

                         What do you think? Do you take her seriously as a model? 

                                                       Love Z.x 

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