Saturday, 21 September 2013

Celebrity Style Day 3: Lady Gaga


I'm back and if you haven't met me on my blog before then its nice to MEAT you! (D'ya get it? I know that was disgusting I'm so sorry)

Lady Gaga. I don't really need to put in much emphasis because we all know who she is, if you don't you have probably been living under a rock on Mars. When she first appeared on the music scene with 'Poker Face' (which I still burst out singing with the actions), everyone knew she wasn't going to be the typical pop musician, and boy did she prove us right. Apart from her controversial, however meaningful, songs and music videos, she knew how to make headlines with her outfits including the forever famous meat dress, where my, er hilarious, pun came from. Gaga always knows how to make an event hers, she is never afraid to go all out and her confidence stands every time. She could be wearing practically nothing (and let's not act like that hasn't happened before), but because she just simply doesn't care it looks good. No one can dare to say she is slutty because she always seems to still have that air of class which I adore. 
My favorite from the 5 above is probably the first one because not very many people could pull off something like that, and it just seems to suit her so well. She always has her head held high and she is never embarrassed or self conscious, even if she is, she does an amazing job at hiding it. I respect Lady Gaga so much and she is today my inspiration for my message for you. Don't be afraid to be different. Being different means you are unique and that you are something special. If you want to wear that heavy eyeliner, if you want to wear those skyscraper heels with metal skull studs,if you  wear that badge for that rock/indie band you love, (can I just here suggest 1975, AMAZING band). From the moment Lady Gaga set foot onto the music scene, the only thing she has ever promoted is that being different is a GOOD thing and that everyone should embrace it. So go out there and be YOU. Don't conform to society and what it thinks you should be. Normal people are boring, weird people are amazing creatures that are becoming rare. Go and start that fashion trend. You never what may happen, and anyway, what have you got to lose?! All you can do is gain!

Style Yourself. Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself.Zx

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